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The first Slovenian hydropower dates back to over 100 years ago. The average annual rainfall ranges from 1.400 - 3.000 mm. Most of the SHP are located in the Alpine region where the conference will take place, however some 400 small hydropower plants are scattered all over Slovenia. They are mainly micro power plants as the average installed power of them altogether is a mere 200 kW. The majority of the plants were constructed under the favourable legislation of the early 1990s, but some of the older ones have also recently been refurbished.

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The study tour will first take us to visit Turboinštitut. This will be a great opportunity to visit one of the only two independent laboratories in the world capable of performing modern acceptance tests according to IEC 60193. With a new supercomputer centre, opened in April 2008, Turboinštitut reached its goal to facilitate scientific progress. The visitors will also see an institute with experience in the development of water turbines and pumps, the refurbishment of old hydropower plant equipment, the development and control of small turbines, the engineering of small hydropower plant equipment, the development and production of special pumps, the low head compressors and aerodynamic devices, as well as performance, cavitation and condition monitoring.

Next we will return towards the Bohinj dead-end valley with its beautiful lake. Then we will stop at two different power plants. The first one is medium to high head and nine years old, and the second is a high head power plant at the bottom of the national symbol waterfall,  nearly 100 years old and recently refurbished. This power plant is also interesting because it is positioned in the very heart of the Triglav national park.

Departure: Hotel Golf 09:00, Arrival: Hotel Golf 17:00

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