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bled HIDROENERGIA has never been held so east in Europe, but now settles down in the idyllic country of Slovenia, a small new EU Member State with great history and potential for the construction of SHP.

Slovenia lies geographically on the crossroads of trading routes from Italy, Austria and Western Europe towards the Balkan countries where the all important small hydro game is happening right now.

The location of the conference is Hotel Golf in the town of Bled. The little town of Bled is situated in the north-west of Slovenia at the heart of the Julian Alps and under Slovenia's highest mountains. The snow melts in glacier valleys resulting in numerous torrents - happy to produce some kilowatt hours of green power!

Slovenia is easily accessible by all means of transportation and some cheap flights are available from London and Brussels.

Journey to Bled is short once you have arrived at Ljubljana Airport, Bus or Train station. 

The trip from Klagenfurt (A), Trieste (I) or Zagreb (CRO) will also take just an hour or two of highway time if you decide to drive.

Or try the train - it’s quick, fast and environmentally friendly - and it brings you directly to Bled!

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