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Hidroenergia 2008 /1 Hidroenergia conferences are the biggest and most important events for the small hydropower sector in Europe. Leading experts meet biennially to convey knowledge and best practice experiences to investors and professionals from different areas. 

“On the Crossroads” is one way to describe the state our energy future stands in today. We are in majority  painfully dependant on fossil fuels and imports. CO2 is threat no. 2 and monopolies are gaining strength. EU politicians are finally placing binding measures into the legislation. But will all that be enough? Are we removing obstacles fast enough?

Environmental awareness and nature protection too often clash against new electricity production, but mainly due to the poor public image of power plants. Although this should be easy to change, it is not. The question still remains: how to protect the environment without affecting it?

SHERPA project aims to make significant contributions to reducing barriers that are currently hindering the development of SHP and its conclusions will be distinctly presented.

Where should we turn? What should we do? For a start the Balkan region is, right now and from the SHP point of view, one of the most vivacious places in Europe. A lot of SHP potential has finally been recognized and is ready to be exploited.

Reach out for power! Decide your way.

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