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Thursday 12th June DAY 1 - SHP Regulatory Framework - Policy, New Opportunities & Image
Opening Session 9.00-11.00
  • Welcome Video message from Janez Potočnik, European Commissioner for Science and Research, European Commission
  • Welcome by the Janez Fajfar, Mayor of Bled (tbc)
  • Karl Kellner, DG TREN, European Commission (tbc)
  • Claude Turmes, Member of European Parliament (tbc)
  • Vision for sustainable use of water resources in South Eastern Europe, Mitja Bricelj, PhD., Stare Secretary, Ministry of the Enviromental and Spatial Planning (Slovenia)
  • Bernhard Pelikan, President, ESHA
11:00 - 11:30 Coffee break
Morning Plenary Session 1 1A: Policy impact on SHP development  
  • SHP on the Crossroads between RES Targets and the WFD Directive, C. Lins, Secretary General, ESHA
  • Slovenian Energy Law and Impacts on SHP Development, M. Gospodjinacki, President, SSHA
  • Opportunties for SHP within the Intelligent Energy Europe programme, G. Tondi, EACI (tbc)
  • Research Priorities for SHP, V. Denis, MHyLab
  • The Quality of Hydropower, O. Pirker, Eurelectric
  • Small Hydropower Policy Framework in the new EU Member States and Associated Countries, P. Punys, Lithuanian Hydropower Association

13.00 - 14.30 Lunch break
Afternoon Session 2 2A: New opportunities for SHP   2B: SHERPA Campaign: Improving SHP image
  • Aims & Perspectives of the Development of Small Hydropower in Montenegro, S. ©kuletic, University of Montenegro
  • What is the potential of Investment in Small Hydro Power Plants in the Republic of Macedonia, S. Panovski, University of St. Clement of Ohrid
  • Small Hydro Development in Digora Gorge in North Caucasus, I. Blyashko & A. Khamukov, INSET
  • Integrated Water Resources Management System for Multiple Purposes including Hydro Energy Production, M-J. Adler, Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development
  • Turkey's Economical Feasible Hydropower Potential and the Current Developments in SHP, S. Küçükali, Zonguldak Karaelmas University
  • Small Hydro Power Stations in Slovenia - Licensing, Environmental and Economic Issues, J. Cadez, Gorenjske Elektrarne
  • The Improvements in Environmental Mitigation Using Small-Scale Hydropower, T. Tsuzaki, University of Southampton
  • The European Master in Renewable Energy - opportunities for SHP, K. Krell, EUREC Agency
  • Small Hydro - a Significant Contributor to the Local Grid Safety, J. Steller, Szewalski Institute of Fluid-Flow Machinery
  • The influence of Small Hydro Power Plants on Watercourses - Experiences from Slovenia, N. Smolar-Zvanut, Slovenian Institute for Water
  • ISO 14001 Enviromental Management System for Small Hydro Powerplants: An Innovative Approach, A. Pénalba, France Hydro-Electricité (tbc)
  • The Italian targets for 2020 and the New Incentivation Systems, S. Gollessi, APER
16:00- 16:30 Coffee break
Afternoon Session 3 3A: New opportunities for SHP (cont.)   3B: SHP & Fish Protection
  • SHP in Developing Countries, E. Macías, Alliance for Rural Electrification
  • Small Hydropower Financing in Nepal - CEDB's experience in Project Financing, A. Pradhan, Clean Energy Development Bank
  • SHP: Back to track in Latin America, C. Velasquez, CELAPEH
  • EPC model for Execution of SHP Projects in Indian Context, V.P.S Chauhan, M/s Kalpan Hydro Company Pvt Ltd
  • Scope of Conjunctive Use of Water Resource of a Small Water Stream in a Remote Area - a Case Study from one of the most backward areas of India, P. Mahajan, I.I.T Kanpur
  • Mini & Micro Hydropower Stations for Production of Inexpensive Energy, A. Nourbakhsh, University Tehran
  • Fish Protection at Hydroelectric Water Intakes - State of the Art, D. Sonny, Pro-Fish Technology
  • The Very Low Head Turbogenerator Set Concept: Fish Friendliness Test, M. Leclerc, MJ2 Technologies
  • What's Luring Fish into Bypass Systems? A monitorign project at Nature like Bypass Channels in Potamal Fish Region, H. Mader, IWHW
  • Considerations of Multiple Species Fish Passage associated with the Development of Small-Scale Hydropower, P. Kemp, University of Southampton
  • Bahavioural Response of Migrating Adult European Eels, anguilla anguilla, to Hydraulics associated with Undershot or Overshot Weirs, I. Russon, University of Southampton



Friday 13th June Day 2: SHP Practical Solutions - Environmental, Planning and Engineering solutions
Morning Session 4 4A: SHP Planning Aspects 4B: SHP Refurbishment
  • An Interdisciplinary Approach for Evaluation of Environmental Flow Requirements for Small Hydro Power Plants in Slovenia, N. Smolar-Zvanut, Slovenian Institute for Water
  • A Multicriteria Method for Estimating the Design Flow of Run-of-River Hydropower Plants, C. Severino, Studio Seta srl
  • Risk Management and Resolution Strategies for Established and Novel Technologies in the Low Head, Small Hydropower Market, P. Wiemann, University of Southampton
  • Evaluation of the Residual Potential Hydropower Production in Italy, J. A. Alterach, CESI RICERCA SpA
  • Effects of Turbine Type Selection on Technical & Economical Benefits of new SHP Projects, H. Dzafo, JP Elektropriveda
  • Bessè SHP Refurbishment & Dam Security: How an Expensive Imposition could become an Opportunity, S. Mazzoleni, Studio Frosio
  • Newest Turbines Technology for Refurbishment of Ludvika Hydro Power Station - Sweden, J. Lampl, Kössler GmbH
  • Reconstruction of the Small Hydro Power Plant Les Království, M. ©lesinger, CKD Blansko Engineering a.s.
  • Brigl & Bermeister Hydro Power Station: a Rehabilitation with a Tremendous Increase of the Power Output, R. Faast, VA Tech Hydro
  • Overview of the work of the Annex II on Small Hydro of the IEA Hydropower Agreement & HydroHelp, K. Bennet, IEA Hydropower Agreement
11.00 - 11.30 Coffee break
Morning Session 5 5A: SHP Innovation   5B: SHP Technical Solutions
  • Design of aSmall Hydro Kaplan Turbine with a Self-Sealing rotor, E. Dick, Ghent University
  • The Very Low Head Turbogenerator Set Concept: Evaluation of 1st Year Operation, M. Leclerc, MJ2 Technologies
  • Pumps as Turbines for Hydraulic Energy Recovery & Small Hydro Power Purposes in Poland, J. Steller, Szewalski Institute of Fluid-Flow Machinery
  • Wastewater Turbining Before and After Treatment - an Optimal Use of Existing Infrastructures, V. Denis, MHyLab
  • Response Surface Modelling of a Modular Crossflow Hydro Turbine Rotor, C. Akcan & M.F. Aksit, Sabanci University
  • The Rotary Hydraulic Pressure Machine for Very Low Head Hydropower Sites, J. Senior, University of Southampton
  • The Performance of Centrifugal Pumps as Turbines and Influence of Pump Geometry, A. Williams, University of Nottingham
  • Transient Phenomenon with Practical Solution, A. S. ®agar, Turboinstitut d.d.
13.00 - 14.30 Lunch break
Afternoon Session 6 6A: SHP Case Studies   6B: SHP Technical Solutions cont
  • GRP pipe solutions in Hydro power projects, J. Hausberg, Amiantit Pipe System
  • Hydro Power Plant Projects Schwarzach and Tieferbachl, O. Vogler, HOBAS Rohre
  • The Gran-olo-Sula project - MHP Implementation in the Hinterland of Surinam, E. Doujak, Vienna University of Technology
  • Small Hydro Development in Nayar River Valley in Lesser Himalayas - A Case Study, D. Das, I.I.T. Roorkee
  • Pontey 1 & 2 Cascade Plants - Every Single Drop of Water is Worth Exploiting for SHP Production - the Long and Successful Way to Implementation, L. Papetti, Studio Frosio
  • New Concept for a Low Head Hydro Project - Physical Model, D. Beggio, S.T.E S.p.A
  • The Analysis of the Effect Exerted by the Differential Pressure Transducer and the Impulse Piping on the Accuracy of the Gibson Method Discharge Measurement, A. Adamkowski & W. Janicki, Szewalski Institute of Flui-Flow Machinery
  • Damages in Power Plants - Experiences and Avoidance, H. Altmann & H.P. Würl, University of Applied Sciences
  • Optimization of a Penstock Intake based on a Simplified Physical Model, G. Floreale & E. Bottazzi, Altene Ingegneri Associati
16:00- 16:30 Coffee break
Closing Session Closing Session
16.30-17.30 Conference Review & Conclusions

A look Into The Future

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