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Conference conclusions: Day 2

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SHP Practical Solutions - Environmental, Planning & Engineering Solutions

Session 4A - SHP Planning Aspects
Chairman: Petras Punys, LHA
HD0U3525 1.Natasa Smolar-Zvanut, Slovenian Institute for Water: An Interdisciplinary Approach for Evaluation of Environmental Flow Requirements for SHP plants in Slovenia. Please download in two parts: Part 1 and Part 2
HD0U3541 2.Christian Severino, Studio Seta srl: A Multicriteria Method for Estimating the Design Flow of Run-of-River Hydropower Plants

3.Patrick Wiemann, University of Southampton: Risk Management and Resolution Strategies for Established and Novel Technologies in the Low Head SHP Market
  4. Julio Alterach, Cesi Ricerca SpA: Evaluation of the Residual Potential Hydropower Production in Italy
HD0U3584 5. Hajrudin Dzafo, JP Elektroprivreda: Efffects of Turbine Type Selection on Technical and Economical Benefits of the new SHP Projects
Session 4B - SHP Refurbishment
Chairman: Nino Frosio, APER (fourth from the left)
HD0U3506 1.Sergio Mazzoleni, Studio Frosio: Besse SHP Refurbishment & Dam Security: How an Expensive Imposition could become an Opportunity
HD0U3533 2.Josef Lampl, Kössler GmbH: Newest Turbine Technology for Refurbishment of Ludvika Hydropower Station in Sweden
HD0U3548 3.Karel Kyzlink, CKD Blansko Engineering a.s.: Reconstruction of the Small Hydropower Plant Les Království
HD0U3538 (first from the left) 4.Rudolf Faast, VA Tech Hydro: Brigl & Bermeister Hydro Power Station - a Rehabilitation with a Tremendous Increase of the Power Output
HD0U3572 5.Kearon Bennett, IEA Hydropower Agreement: Overview of the work of Annex II on Small Hydro of the IEA Hydropower Agreement and Hydro Help
Session 5A - SHP Innovation
Chairman: Jean-Pierre Corbet, HEA-Europe (third from the left)
HD0U3600 1.Erik Dick, Ghent University: Design of a Small Kaplan Turbine with a Self-Sealing Rotor
HD0U3621 2.Marc Leclerc, MJ2 Technologies: The Very Low Head Turbogenerator Set Concept: Evaluation after 1st Year Operation
HD0U3633 3. Janusz Steller, Szewalski Institute of Fluid-Flow Machinery: Pumps as Turbines for Hydraulic Energy Recovery & SHP Purposes in Poland
HD0U3654 4.Vincent Denis, MHyLab: Wastewater Turbining Before and After Treatment - an Optimal Use of Existing Infrastructures
Session 5B - SHP Technical Solutions

Chairman: Christer Söderberg, SERO

HD0U3606 1.James Senior, University of Southampton: The Rotary Hydraulic pressure Machine for Very Low Head Hydropower Sites
HD0U3630 2.Arthur Williams, University of Nottingham: The Performance of Centrifugal Pumps as Turbines and Influence of Pump Geometry
HD0U3639 3.Aleksander Zagar, Turboinstitut d.d.: Transient Phenomenon with Practical Solution
Session 6A - SHP Case Studies
Chairman: David Williams, BHA
HD0U3673 1.Jarle Hausberg, Amiantit Pipe Systems: GRP Pipe Solutions in Hydropower Projects
HD0U3698 2.Othmar Vogler, HOBAS Rohre: Hydro Power Plant Projects Schwarzach and Tieferbachl
HD0U3711 3.Eduard Doujak, Vienna University of Technology: The Gran-olo-Sula Project - MHP Implementation in the Hinterland of Surinam
HD0U3741 4.Devadutta Das, I.I.T. Roorkee: Small Hydro Development in Nayar River Valley in Lesser Himalayas
HD0U3707 (first from the left)
5.Luigi Papetti, Studio Frosio: Pontey 1 & 2 Cascade Plants - Every Single Drop of Water is Worth Exploiting for SHP production: the Long and Successful Way to Implementation
Session 6B - SHP Technical Solutions (cont.)
HD0U3726 HD0U3746
Chairman: António Sá da Costa (fourth from the left)
HD0U3665 1.Daniele Beggio, S.T.E. SpA: New Concept for a Low Head Hydro Project - Physical Model
HD0U3633 2.Janusz Steller, Szewalski Institute of Fluid-Flow Machinery: The Analysis of the Effect Exerted by the Differential Pressure Transducer and the Impulse Piping on the Accuracy of the Gibson Method Discharge Measurement

HD0U3723 (rom left: Henning Altmann & Peter Würl)

HD0U3719 (Peter Würl)

3.Henning Altmann & Peter Würl, Universiy of Applied Sciences, Germany: Damages in Power Plants - Experiences and Avoidance
HD0U3732 4.Giuseppe Floreale & Emanuele Bottazzi, Altene Ingegneri Associati: Optimization of a Penstock Intake based on a Simplified Physical Model
Closing Session
From left to right: Lidija Živčič, Focus, Christine Lins, ESHA secretary general, Bernhard Pelikan, ESHA president, Marko Gospodjinački, SSHA president, Sašo Šantl, Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning
Christine Lins, ESHA: Hidroenergia 2008 Conclusions
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