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Conference conclusions: Day 1

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SHP Regulatory Framework - Policy, New Opportunities & Image

Opening Session:
Welcome by Janez Fajfar, Mayor of Bled
  1.Bernhard Pelikan, ESHA: Welcome to Hidroenergia 2008
HD0U2965 2.Welcome by Cveto Kosec, Ministry of the Economy
HD0U2982 3.Vision for sustainable use of water resources in South Eastern Europe, Edvard Ipavec, Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning
HD0U3017 4.Christine Lins, ESHA: SHP on the Crossroads between RES Targets and WFD Directive
Session 1A - Policy impact on SHP development
HD0U3083 1.Marko Gospodjinacki, ZDMHE: Slovenian Energy Law and Impacts on SHP Development
HD0U3117 2. Gianluca Tondi, EACI: Opportunities for SHP within the Intelligent Energy Europe programme
HD0U3130 3.Vincent Denis, MHyLab: Research Priorities for SHP
HD0U3144 4.Otto Pirker, Eurelectric: The Quality of Hydropower
HD0U3163 5.Petras Punys, LHA: Small Hydropower Policy Framework in the New Member States and associate countries
Session 2A - New Opportunities for SHP
Chairman: Zoran Stojič
HD0U3208 1.Julio Alterach, Cesi Ricerca SpA: Strategies to Promote Small Scale Hydro Electricity Production
HD0U3246 2.Sotir Panovski, University of St. Clement of Ohrid: What is the Potential of Investment in SHP plants in Macedonia
HD0U3247 3.Iakov Blyashko, INSET: Small Hydro Development in Digora Gorge in North Caucasus
HD0U3274 4.Serhat Kucukali, Zonguldak Karaelmas University: Turkey's Economically Feasible Hydropower Potential and the Current Developments in SHP
HD0U3297 5.Bogdan Popa, ROSHA: SHP in Romania, Romania in Europe
Session 2B - SHERPA Campaign: Improving SHP Image

Chairman: Gema San Bruno, ESHA (fourth from the left)

HD0U3232 1.Jurij Čadež, Gorenjske Elektrarne: Small Hydro Power Stations in Slovenia -Licensing, Environmental & Economic Issues
HD0U3261 2.Katharina Krell, Greenovate!: The European Master in Renewable Energy
HD0U3285 3.Janusz Steller, Szewalski Institute of Fluid-Flow Machinery: Small Hydro - a significant contributor to Local Grid Safety
HD0U3292 4.Anne Pénalba, France-Hydro-Electricité: ISO 14001: Environmental Management System for Small Hydropower Plants - an Innovative Approach
HD0U3310 5.Sara Gollessi, APER: The Italian Targets for 2020 and the new Incentivation System
Session 3A - New Opportunities for SHP (cont.)
Chairman: Jonathan Cox
HD0U3362 1.Alvaro Ponce, ARE: SHP in Developing Countries
HD0U3370 2.Carlos Velasquez, CELAPEH: Back to Track in Latin America
HD0U3387 3.VPS Chauhan, M/S Kalpan Hydro Company Pvt Ltd: EPC Model for Execution of SHP projects in Indian context
HD0U3349 4.Jonathan Cox, Dulas Ltd: SHAPES Project
Session 3B - SHP and Fish Protection
Hughes Albanel
Chairman: Hugues Albanel, Hydrowatt (third from the left)
HD0U3338 1.Damien Sonny, Pro-Fish Technology SA: Fish Protection at Hydroelectric Water Intakes - State of the Art
HD0U3353 2.Marc Leclerc, MJ2 Technologies: The Very Low Head Turbogenerator Set Concept: Fish Friendliness Tests
HD0U3379 3.Helmut Mader, IWHW: What's Luring Fish into Bypass Systems? A Monitoring Project at Nature Like Bypass Channels in Potamal Fish Region
HD0U3400 4.Paul Kemp, University of Southampton: Considerations of Multiple Species Fish Passage associated with the Development of Small Scale Hydropower
HD0U3382 (second from the left)
5. Iain Russon, University of Southampton: Behavioural Response of Migrating Adult Eels, anguilla anguilla, to Hydraulics associated with Undershot or Overshot Weirs
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